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Kutrite Reservation Ticket


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Important message

Thank you for the overwhelming interest in our exclusive pattern! Due to the incredible demand, we've temporarily switched off our ticket system.
Don't worry, though! We understand the excitement, and as soon as the waiting time drops below 1 year, we'll switch the reservation system back on. You can be the first to know when tickets become available by leaving your email address below. We'll send you an automatic reminder as soon as the tickets are back in stock.
Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm!

    Get your ticket!

    Kutrite reservation

    Reserve your place in line for the Kutrite Flat Kitchen Scissors. We are constantly crafting more batches of the Kutrite, but demand remains extremely high. Buying a Kutrite Reservation number guarantees you a four-week window to buy one pair of the Kutrite, when we reach your number in the queue. The wait may be several months or more – but your opportunity to purchase the Kutrite is secured.


    How it works

    • Purchase a Kutrite Reservation number. This gets you into the queue to buy the Kutrite.
    • Wait. We craft a new batch of the Kutrite regularly. Every time a customer will buy a pair, your number moves up the queue..
    • Notification. When we reach your position in the queue, we notify you that you can now purchase the Kutrite. You then have four weeks to purchase a pair.
    • Purchase the Kutrite. You can now use your reservation number and email address to access a special page of our website, where you can buy the Kutrite.
    • Enjoy. We ship your pair of the Kutrite Flat Kitchen Scissors within 5 working days of your order.

    For product details of the Kutrite, please check the Kutrite product page.

    Kutrite scissors
    Kutrite scissors
    Putter at work

    Bringing back an icon

    Remaking the Kutrite kitchen scissors has been our passion, our obsession and one of our greatest challenges in recent years. They’ve ended up being worth every drop of elbow grease.

    Elegant yet practical, the ‘Kutrite’ pattern of all-purpose stainless steel kitchen scissors is a 1960s modern art masterpiece. Their form is a symphony of clean lines and soft curves – and their function is sweeter still. The Kutrite’s serrated blades make light work of meat, veg and just about anything else you might need to cut with them, while the in-built bottle/twist-cap opener and nutcracker provide extra utility.

    Bringing back the Kutrite required all the skill and knowledge of our master-putters, and all the energies of the rest of the team. We hope you’ll agree they are scissors to cherish.