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With a little care, your pair of scissors could last a lifetime. And should there be a problem at some point, we offer a repair service to get your pair back in shape.

How to look after your Ernest Wright Scissors and Shears:

Please note that Scissor blades can be very sharp – please be extremely careful with your hands and fingers!!

  • After use, always wipe your carbon-steel scissors clean and dry, and store them away from any water, salt or humidity. It is preferable to store these wrapped (or encased) in dry cloth, dry leather, or a dry cardboard box, to protect them from airborne moisture. (N.b. this covers most of our product range except for stainless steel kitchen scissors).

  • We recommend to hand washing the stainless steel kitchen scissors. They are also more suitable for wet working.

  • To properly wipe any scissors and shears clean and dry: Use clean, soft, dry absorbent material (we use microfibre cloths for example). With the scissors *wide* open, try wiping ALL the insides you can get into, especially close to the insides of the screw area. Pay as much attention as possible to the insides of the backs, and the insides of the blades, on both sides of the pair. Then work the scissors a few times, and perform the same wipe again.

  • Buff the outsides of the closed scissors with the same (possibly now oily) piece of cloth, and finally give them a really good clean dry wipe all over with a clean dry piece (or area) of cloth.

  • Occasionally you may try a proportionally small drop of household or machine oil, aimed to get deep inside the screw area between the two halves of the scissors. Work the oil in really well by opening and closing them many times. A couple of drops / attempts may sometimes help. Then repeat a very good wipe again, as explained above.

  • Watch out for any tiny oil leakage from the screw with your first few cuts… especially before you start on anything precious! Any oil seepage will not last, but it is important to watch out for at first!

  • Never let anyone ‘play about’ with or ‘adjust’ the screw – ever! It is fixed in place for a reason; moving it could even eventually cause your scissors to fall apart.

  • Finally, if you ever have a problem with your scissors and none of the above is helping (or even if you cut through a pin, drop them, leave them in the garden etc) – you may always send the pair back to us and we can look after them – possibly at the same time as re-sharpening and re-setting them like new! Warranty manufacturing faults will naturally be rectified free of charge.

We really hope you enjoy using your Ernest Wright scissors and shears; paying attention to the above advice should help to ensure a lifetime of loyal service from them.

We offer a paid repair service to our valued customers. To initiate the repair process, simply contact us and we’ll add you to our repair list.

Rest assured, we’ll reach out to you when it’s your turn to send in your scissors, ensuring a fair and efficient waiting list management.

Please note that our repair services are exclusively available for Ernest Wright and Kutrite brands.

For more details, you can also refer to our FAQ section.