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Kutrite kitchen scissors

Kutrite scissors

£ 121.00



This model is available for reservations only. Click the ‘Reserve’ button to purchase your reservation number. We will notify you when we’ve reached your number in the queue, and you’ll then have four weeks to use your reservation and purchase a Kutrite. This system is the best and fairest way for us to sell the Kutrite, as demand for this model currently far exceeds supply.



The Kutrite pattern of flat kitchen scissors was designed by Philip Wright in the early sixties and produced till the eighties. After an absence of decades, we are proud to present the remade and remastered Kutrite kitchen scissors.


Type: Kitchen scissors
Use: Cutting meat, food, packaging, all-round
Total length: 7″ / 17.78 cm
Blade length: 3,5″ / 8.89 cm
Weight: 147 g
Material: Drop forged high quality hygienic stainless steel
Finish: Hand polished
Packaging: wooden box with inscription and signatures Cliff & Eric

Kutrite scissors
Kutrite scissors
Kutrite scissors

Bringing back an icon

Remaking the Kutrite kitchen scissors has been our passion, our obsession and one of our greatest challenges in recent years. They’ve ended up being worth every drop of elbow grease.

Elegant yet practical, the ‘Kutrite’ pattern of all-purpose stainless steel kitchen scissors is a 1960s modern art masterpiece. Their form is a symphony of clean lines and soft curves – and their function is sweeter still. The Kutrite’s serrated blades make light work of meat, veg and just about anything else you might need to cut with them, while the in-built bottle/twist-cap opener and nutcracker provide extra utility.

Bringing back the Kutrite required all the skill and knowledge of our master-putters, and all the energies of the rest of the team. We hope you’ll agree they are scissors to cherish.