Turton (left-handed)

Turton left-handed kitchen scissors


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This model is currently out of stock. It is not available on backorder, as we have not yet started the process of producing a batch of this particular model. As soon as we have a good estimate on the schedule for a new batch, we will switch the status of this model to "Back-order" or even to "In Stock".

A timeless design, now for left-handers

The Turton left-handed kitchen scissors is the quintessential Sheffield pattern of kitchen scissors. With serrated blades for efficient grip and cutting, a bottle/twist-cap opener and an in-built nutcracker, this multifaceted piece of kitchen art can craft all sorts of culinary delights. Now, for the first time ever, left-handers have their deserved seat at the Turton table. Click here for the right-handed version.


! This is the left-handed version.

Type: Kitchen scissors.
Use: Cutting meat, vegetables, packaging; general use
Total length: 7″ / 17.78 cm
Blade length: 3,5″ / 8.89 cm
Weight: 147 g
Material: Drop forged high quality hygienic stainless steel,
Finish: Hand polished
Packaging: left-handed gift box

Turton left-handed kitchen scissors
Turton left-handed kitchen scissors
Turton left-handed kitchen scissors

Classic kitchen scissors for culinary creativity

Designed in the 1920s by Frank Turton, the Turton kitchen scissors are emblematic of a bygone golden era of scissors-making in Sheffield. Today, Ernest Wright has entered a new golden age of its own, and we are proud to continue Mr Turton’s legacy by producing his peerless scissors.

The “Turtons” are a great all-rounder in the kitchen. The blades are sharp, strong and serrated, which makes them more than a match for any ingredient you could care to cut. There’s a nutcracker between the shanks of the scissors, and we’ve even included a bottle opener shaped to modern standards, since bottle designs have changed in the last hundred years.

We broke new ground for the Turtons in 2020, when we secured the dies and forgings for a left-handed variant of the scissors. Left-handed customers are now able to buy a tailored version of these classic kitchen scissors for the very first time.