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4″ Print Embroidery

embroidery scissors


Available on back-order


We are currently in the process of making a batch of this model, and some of the units being produced are still available to backorder. We expect the batch to be finished within 10 weeks, after which point the backorders can be fulfilled. This timescale should be taken as a conservative estimate, not a guarantee, as our production is limited and subject to change due to external factors. This also means that products ordered after the 25th of September 2023 will not be delivered before Christmas.


These vintage 4″ print embroidery scissors are superbly sharp and nimble – perfect for everyday use and delicate work with textiles.


Type: Print Embroidery scissors
Use: Cutting fabric, threads or paper
Total length: 4″ / 10.16 cm
Blade length: 1,25″ / 3.18 cm
Weight: 30 g
Material: Drop forged Carbon steel for long-life precision edge retention
Finish: Hand polished
Packaging: Handmade leather pouch

embroidery scissors
embroidery scissors
embroidery scissors

Your little helper for embroidery and chores

The 4″ print embroidery scissors are a decades-old pattern, rediscovered and remade in Sheffield. Their sharp, precise tips and strong construction make them a crafter’s dream, providing excellent thread snipping and trimming performance. For general, everyday use, the print embroidery scissors are a great little handyman to have around the home.

Some of our stock of this model is made from decades-old blanks, which have been in storage at our workshop all this time, waiting patiently to be brought to life. And to preserve the print embroidery scissors for the future, we’ve also secured exclusive access to the die and tooling for the scissors, so we can forge as many new pairs as our customers desire.