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Snip like a master crafter

These sharp, self-opening snips are the definitive tool for quickly and effortlessly cutting threads.


Type: Threadsnips /Threadclips
Use: Cutting threads
Total length: 4.5″ / 11.43 cm
Blade length: 1.2″ / 3.05 cm
Weight: 72 g
Material: Drop forged high quality carbon steel,
for long-life precision edge retention
Finish: Hand polished
Packaging: Gift box

The most efficient tool for small cuts and snips

Newly restored to the Ernest Wright range, these classic threadsnips will enable you to snip threads and make small cuts in fabric with the lightest touch of a finger. They’re self-opening, so all the user needs to do is push the sharp, nimble blades closed.

Also known as threadclips, this clever tool can be worn on your hand while you work. Or, if you prefer, you can keep it on your sewing machine or work surface until you need it. Versatile and user-friendly, the threadsnips are invaluable in a wide variety of artisans and crafters, including dressmakers, tailors, embroiderers and upholsterers. Whatever the craft, they make snipping quick and easy.

Each pair of threadsnips comes hand-polished and presented in a high-quality gift box.