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About Our Products

Scissors are an often over-looked, yet ubiquitous and much needed tool. Their function is simple yet unique; nothing replaces a good pair of scissors for those jobs that, well, only a pair of scissors can do.

Any well-equipped kitchen, office, sewing room or workshop will hold a pair somewhere in a drawer or cupboard, yet they often don’t spring to mind until their use is required. When they are required of course, it’s good to know they will do their job efficiently, elegantly and simply, leaving you to forget about them until the next time you need them again. However, their simplicity in use belies the complex processes involved in their manufacture. 

To begin with, Ernest Wright and Son use only the finest stainless steel or carbon steel hot-forged  ‘blanks’ for the manufacture of our individually hand-made products. 

Stainless steel, with its increased chromium content, literally “stains less”. It resists oxidation for longer and can be safely and hygienically used in food processing, or in outdoor or wet conditions. Carbon steel can oxidise more quickly in damp conditions, yet maintains its industrial sharpness longer due to its harder, higher carbon content. 

Each ‘half’ of a pair of Ernest Wright and Son Limited scissors is hardened and tempered in hand-operated furnaces, and quenched in oil. The blade will attain a hardness akin to a car suspension spring, whilst the handles or ‘bows’ are left slightly more malleable for adjustment in final assembly.

Each individual blade is then hand-ground on a traditional saddle-mounted grinding wheel.

These wheels have been used in blade production since steel was invented, the only difference being a slightly more modern power source than the water-driven wheels of yesteryear.

Once the two halves are ground and polished, they are assembled by our professional putter-togetherers. 

This is a trade learnt through years of experience. As with many of our processes, the skills involved cannot be written down; they must be picked up by our experts through up to ten years of hands-on apprenticeship. 

An ideal scissors motion does not mean the blades just slide across each other. The blades must curve perfectly to only contact each other at the exact cross-cut point, offering the tension and friction required – so as not to just simply wrap themselves around the material being cut. We all know how frustrating that can be with a cheap pair of mass-produced ‘stamped’ scissors! 

Finally the assembled pair is dressed, japanned and polished as required; then oiled, inspected and wrapped.

Every pair of Ernest Wright and Son scissors arrives with its new owner in the same state it leaves the factory – perfect. With correct use, and a little care, our scissors will last a lifetime.

Naturally the more use they get, the more chance they will occasionally need sharpening; and this is a facility Ernest Wright and Son Limited can also offer. We have been known to re-sharpen scissors that have been in use for over eight decades, as some of our older customers (or even their succeeding generations!) will testify. The purchase of a highest quality pair of Ernest Wright and Son Limited scissors now could save you buying a new ‘cheap’ pair every coming year.

Invest in quality. Never be without that superlative pair of sharp, strong scissors you can just forget about in the drawer, until the next time you need them again. You’ll be surprised - it’ll probably be sooner than you think.
Most of our products will arrive in gift packaging; either a smart wallet, a real leather sheath or our superb quality silk-lined gift box (*see exact individual product description for details*).

Ideal as a wedding, house-warming, christmas or birthday present, or maybe just a gift from Sheffield! Either way, a life-long everyday memento for your family, friends or business partners that will be cherished for a very long time to come.

"We are but two halves of a pair of scissors, when apart... but together we are something."
Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit.