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Ernest Wright and Son Limited

Our Company History

Ernest Wright and Son Limited is a family owned scissors manufacturing company based in Sheffield, England - the birthplace of stainless steel.

The company was established in 1902 and have been making quality, hand finished scissors ever since.

Through the succeeding generations the company has maintained it's excellent pedigree and is, to this day, a world-recognised name in the production of quality scissors and shears.

The full range of products, hand made in Sheffield to this day using age-old techniques and skills, covers all manner of household, kitchen, garden, industrial, craftsman, leisure and ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors applications.

The Wright family have been involved in the boring, hardening and tempering of scissors since at least the 1800's. 

As far back as records can be found, Walter Wright - a renowned ‘Little Mester’ of Sheffield - specialised in finishing scissor blades as an outworker and was also referred to as ‘Master Scissor Putter-togetherer’. 

A scissor putter-togetherer is the proud title given to the holder of a five-year-to-fully-apprenticed skill set and trade, known and still used by our craftsmen today.

Since Walter Wright began in the scissors industry, successive generations of family have joined the trade. Ernest Wright senior (the limited company’s founder), then Ernest Wright junior, then Graham and Philip Wright (brothers) have all taken their turn to run this family business.

Pictured below are Ernest Wright junior (seated) with his sons Graham (left) and Philip (right!) on the occasion of the company’s 75th anniversary in 1977.

Through growth and acquisition, the company rose to become a formidable force in both UK and world-wide scissors and tool production and supply.

Employing over eighty workers and exporting to forty five different countries by the mid 1970’s, Ernest Wright and Son was one of the largest scissors manufacturers in Great Britain.

Globalisation of the cutlery and steel industries has since reduced the turnover and size of the company, but Ernest Wright and Son Limited still produces extremely high quality, traditionally hand-finished scissors and shears from its Endeavour Works factory - right in the heart of Sheffield, world renowned for its cutlery and steel.

Nick Wright, Philip's son, is now Managing Director, providing the 5th generation to have led the family business. Plans to modernise methods of sales and communications - though not necessarily methods of production - are already underway during his tenure. 

"Marriage resembles a pair of shears, so joined that they cannot be separated; often moving in opposite directions, yet always punishing anyone who comes between them.”

Sydney Smith, Lady Holland's Memoir.